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Pet Wellness Exams

At Andover Animal Hospital, we think that annual wellness treatment is critical to your pet’s happiness and health! The health of your pet is vital, and preventive care is required.

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Pet Wellness Exams in Andover, MA

During your pet’s annual physical exam, your veterinarian will thoroughly examine him or her and discuss vaccinations and overall health. Your pet must have health appointments just as you do with your doctor. Our team will thoroughly inspect your pet from head to tail during these appointments.
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Pet Wellness Exams

It is critical to bring your pet to Andover Animal Hospital for wellness examinations. We provide complete physical tests to uncover potential concerns before they become significant. Regular physical exams can prevent many pet health problems, so we recommend that our professionals examine your pet at least twice a year. While physical exams are essential for animal health, you can help by being a responsible pet owner. Take precise notes and bring your pet to Andover Animal Hospital for an evaluation if you detect any irregularities with him or her.

What precisely is a physical examination? Some things require special tests and equipment to see, feel, touch, or hear, but you can often learn much about your pet through simple observation. During a physical exam, your veterinarian searches for anything unusual. Typical combines what is expected for the breed and your specific unique pet. Every pet is a little different, just like every human. Any areas of concern will be addressed further after the veterinarian has completed the initial physical assessment.


Proper pet vaccinations can prevent many diseases affecting dogs and cats. From your initial visit to Andover Animal Hospital, we’ll ensure your pet is up to date on their vaccinations and put them on a regimen to ensure they stay that way.

Our veterinarians will explain the best course of action for your pet’s immunization regimen based on age, medical history, lifestyle, and environment. You can bring your cat or dog in for his or her first round of vaccinations as early as eight weeks old.


A tiny microchip is implanted under the skin between the dog’s or cat’s shoulder blades (other animals such as horses, birds, ferrets, and most mammals can also be microchipped). The microchip contains an identification number that a scanner can read. The chip can be read by a veterinarian’s office or an animal shelter to determine who owns the animal.

Microchips are a permanent option that will assist you in reuniting with your missing pet!

Nutritional Counseling

A good diet is critical to living a healthy life. It is critical for pet owners to understand that their pet’s nutritional requirements frequently differ from their own. Dogs’ nutritional requirements differ from those of cats. Varied lifestyles and life stages necessitate varied nutritional requirements.

Knowing that proper nutrition is essential for your pet’s health, our veterinarians and experienced staff are delighted to discuss your pet’s dietary requirements with you and answer any questions you may have.

Parasite Prevention

Veterinary exams and parasite tests are critical steps in protecting your pet’s health. Allow our experienced staff to provide you with a comprehensive parasite control program. We can prescribe a parasite testing schedule, go over indications of parasites you can look for at home, go over ways to control parasites in and around your home, go over treatment choices if your pet has parasites, and go over ways to control and avoid parasites in the future.